This goes without saying, but please don’t hurt the fastest man in the world today when you’re filming. I don’t even know how that would be possible, but just please be careful.

Don’t knock him off his feet or run into his legs with any sort of motorized device. Imagine causing some sort of accident right after he won a race? That would be bonkers!

You know, this sounds dumb to even say this, but especially be careful around him if he’s barefoot.

In the biz we call that the “ole Michael Jordan Oven Mitts” rule. You’d never want to hurt MJ’s hands, like when George Costanza was a hand model.

Seriously, don’t smash into Usain Bolt. You’d have to be Usain to do that. Like Cypress Hill, Usain in the Membrane. Word play!

Have a good day out there!

Get us some good film.