The word “hustle” has a terrible reputation. Your most obnoxious, self promotional friend is constantly posting pictures of watches, Lamborghini’s or yachts on Instagram with captions like “Every day I’m hustlin’ – Abraham Lincoln.” I’m pretty sure that was Rick Ross, not Abe Lincoln.

Over the last two years I’ve taken more than 15,000 people through the 30 Days of Hustle Challenge (join the wait list for the May launch here), and if there’s one thing I’ve learned it’s that there is still a lot of confusion about what it means to hustle.

Is hustling a good thing or a bad thing?

Is it the reason successful folks are doing so well, or the reason workaholics roll over people like human bulldozers?

Is it an Axe Body Spray flavor or not?

(It’s not an Axe Body Spray, by the way. But Score, Jet, and Touch are.)

Here’s what I know: Hustle is an act of focus, not frenzy. It’s an act of addition, but also subtraction. It’s about focusing on what matters the most, in the right way.

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I didn’t write a book for the first 34 years I was on this planet. In the last six years, I’ve published five.

I’m going to cut myself some slack during the toddler years because I was terrible at spelling and high school was a blur since I was the popular, wicked muscular quarterback that everyone wanted to date, but why did it take so long during my adult years? There are a few reasons, but the biggest one is hustle.

I was great at talking, but not doing.

I was high on goals and low on actions.

I didn’t know how to hustle on the things I really care about.

I put together a free video series called the 3 Rules of Hustle based on what I’ve learned over the last 6 years. I wish I could go back and show the 22 year old me these videos. He was too cocky and sure of himself to think he could learn anything, but maybe the color-coded bookshelves would have distracted him long enough to listen. If you missed this series the first time, it’s three short videos that separate fact from fiction about what it means to really work on your dream.


The video series is still free for the time being, but you’ll need to sign up to get access to them because I won’t be posting them on my blog. The best part is, unlike last time, when you sign up you’ll get access to all three videos immediately!

Hustle is the fuel for the things we work on. If you use it the right way and apply it to the right things, you get to be more awesome, more often.

I can’t wait to see what dream, goal or project you apply the 3 rules of hustle to!

P.S. There’s a surprise guest who joins me in the videos, but you’ll have to watch this to see who it is.