Last month I wrote about the 3 things you need to give yourself the best shot at accomplishing your goals:

  1. Clarity – A focused sense of what you’re trying to accomplish.
  2. Consistency – The grind of stacking small wins on top of small wins, day after day.
  3. Community – Leaning on friends when you don’t feel like hustling.

Those are great c words, but there’s one that is straight poison and social media unfortunately serves it up by the gallon.

I’m talking about comparison.

I don’t know about you, but every January I need to remind myself that comparison leads to arrogance or shame, but never happiness.

[Tweet “Comparing yourself to others leads to arrogance or shame, but never happiness.”]

Arrogance tells you that you’re better, fills you with pride, and sets you up for a nasty fall.

Shame tells you that you’re the worst, fills you with discouragement, and sets you up to quit.

Neither thing leads you one step closer to your goal, because at the end of the day, comparing your journey to somebody else’s is the best way to miss out on having an awesome 2016.

[Tweet “Comparing your journey to somebody else’s is the best way to miss out on having an awesome 2016.”]

We all need clarity, consistency, and community as we kick off 2016, and we all need to avoid comparing our goals and our progress to others. That’s why I’m taking people through the 30 Days of Hustle Challenge. I’ve mentioned it over the last two months on my blog, and next week it finally kicks off!

header_580As a member of the challenge, you’ll get:

  1. Membership in the private Facebook community
  2. An 8,000 word workbook with day by day hustle steps
  3. 30 brand new videos I recorded specifically for this challenge
  4. The 30DOH worksheet
  5. Daily email reminders for the length of the challenge.

The PDF workbook helps you maintain clarity as you hustle on your goals. The daily emails and videos help you consistently achieve those small wins you need to make progress. And the encouraging private Facebook group gives you the community you need to stay encouraged.

Registration is only $60 and is only open until midnight CT on Friday. On Saturday the doors close.

To reserve your spot (or for more info), click that green button.

Screen Shot 2015-12-16 at 8.13.26 AM

I took 10,000 people through 30 Days of Hustle last year, and the things they accomplished were awesome (here are a few of the things they achieved). It’s also a great challenge to do with a friend, so share the link with your friends and challenge them to do it with you!

If you’re looking for the best way to make sure you have an awesome start to 2016, join the 1600 people who have already signed up and take the challenge.

Together, we’re going to crush 2016!

For more info or to register, click here: Jon Acuff’s 30 Days of Hustle Challenge

P.S. The second most toxic C word is “Criticism.” Fear of haters wrecks many a goal. That’s why I put together a new resource called “Living Loud in a World Full of Haters.” You get it for free when you join the 30 Days of Hustle Challenge!