yes 2

The answer is yes.

Yes, chasing a dream will be scary.
Yes, it will be risky.
Yes, there will be fear.
Yes, there will be doubt.
Yes, other people won’t understand it.
Yes, sometimes you won’t either.
Yes, the odds will be stacked against you.
Yes, you will want to quit. A lot.
Yes, you will fail sometimes.
Yes, you will feel like someone more talented has already done exactly what you want to do.
Yes, you will not know exactly where you are going.
Yes, you will feel unqualified.
Yes, there will be awkwardness.
The answer is yes for all of these things.
But yes is also the answer to all these questions too:
Does the world need your dream? Yes.
Do you need to chase it? Yes.
Is today a better day to begin than tomorrow? Yes.
Does working on a dream a little always beat not working on it at all? Yes.
Are you capable of more than you think? Yes.
If you don’t try will you regret it? Yes.
Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.
If you’re going to chase a dream, get ready to say that little word a big amount of times.
Because for those who dare to be more than ordinary, the answer is yes.