A few weeks ago, I asked for your help.

I told you about Thistle Farms, a two year residential program in Nashville that helps women escape trafficking, addiction and prostitution.

I told you they’ve been doing amazing work for 18 years and have sister organizations across the country.

I told you the candles they make are such high quality that Whole Foods sells them.

I told you there were 100 women on the waiting list and that wasn’t OK.

I told you that if we raised enough money, we could buy them a new candle making machine which would lead to more jobs and more people in the program.

I asked you to help Jenny and me light the way home for the women still on the street.

And wow, did you respond!

More than 100 of you showed up in Nashville to package the candles with my family.

Hundreds and hundreds of you bought candles.

Friends of mine like Michael and Lindsay Moreno started selling the candles at their events.

The campaign was a crazy success and the world got a bit brighter in the process.

The women at Thistle Farms put together a thank you video for you.

Here it is:

If you missed the campaign and still want to help Thistle Farms. Buy a candle today or volunteer to help.

The world will stay dark unless we’re brave enough to light the way home.

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Thank you lighting the way last month!