Do Over Club

For the last 18 months I’ve been doing meetups around the country. The format is simple. At 7AM or 7PM, depending on the city, I hang out with 60 or so people who have been brave enough to hang out with some dude from the Internet.
I then share 20-30 minutes of ideas I’ve been working on, which is fun, but it’s not favorite part. My favorite part is what happens next.

For the rest of our time together, everyone else gets to stand up and share what they’ve been working on.

In Austin, TX a former NBA mascot shared what it’s like to figure out the next job when the last job was so unique.

In Lancaster, PA an executive shared how it felt to lose a job she had for 15 years.

In Phoenix, AZ a writer shared triumphantly that she was finally writing that book she always wanted to create.

The power of telling people what you’re working on, the impact of saying your dream out loud, is unbelievable

After each person who wants to shares we all applaud because there are so few applause moments in the average day.

Something crazy happens in those moments. The people who were brave enough to show up make me feel brave enough to share my story which makes them feel brave enough to share their stories too.

Bravery goes viral, but one person always has to go first.

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When you go first with your story, your dream and your hustle you give everyone in the room a really powerful gift. You give them the gift of going second. It’s hard to go first. You don’t know the rules yet, you don’t know how it will be accepted, there’s no precedent. It’s easier to go second, which is why the world needs you to be brave first.

I’m balancing my travel with my home life, which is my biggest priority, and I can’t do a meetup in every city. But, I can try to create a new space where we can all be brave. (Whether that means sharing it out loud or typing it out loud to a webinar full of people who are going to cheer you on.)

That’s what I’m doing on April 14th. I’m holding my first ever Do Over Club online. I think it’s going to be awesome and unlike any other webinar you’ve been part of.

The event is free for anyone who pre-orders Do Over. If you already have, awesome! Check your inbox for instructions to register for the Do Over Club in the next few days. If you haven’t yet, pre-order today at any of the retailers and then fill out this quick form! I’ll send you an invite to the webinar and three other awesome surprises!

To get the invite to the event you have to pre-order the book by 12:01AM on Tuesday April 7th. Don’t miss it.

Thanks for being brave. Thanks for supporting Do Over. Thanks for going first!

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