In 2007, I started a blog. A coworker named Ryan Sweet told me I should and I thought, “Why not me?”

In 2008, I gave my first paid speech at a small conference in Oklahoma. I was terrified but I thought, “Why not me?”

In 2010, I published my first book. Fear told me I was unqualified, but I thought, “Why not me?”

After sleepwalking through my 20s, asking those three words in my 30s woke me up and launched on a crazy fun rollercoaster ride.

It’s not easy to ask that question. Although it sounds simple, it usually feels dangerous the first or thousandth time you do it. “Why not me?” isn’t just a question. It’s an invitation. It’s a slingshot. It’s a fuse.

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Last year, I asked 10,000 people that question. They answered and lost weight. They wrote books. They started businesses. They went on more dates. They accomplished a thousand different resolutions while the rest of the world was giving up by the third week of January.

I’ve invited you to join the 30 Days of Hustle this week. The early bird registration price of only $30 ends tonight. Maybe you haven’t done it because you don’t have the time or you don’t have a perfect thing you want to work on or you feel unqualified. Maybe you’re suspicious of any email that has a big green sign up button like this one.

Screen Shot 2015-11-27 at 10.46.15 PM

(Note: registration is currently closed, but you can click that button to join the wait list. It will open again on Dec. 28, 2015.)

I don’t blame you for feeling that way one bit. I feel that way some days too. That’s why I need community. That’s why I need plans. That’s why I need encouragement. That’s why I created the 30 Days of Hustle to begin with.

Maybe this year you’ll join this rowdy group of hustlers who dare to turn dreaming into doing. We’ve definitely got room for one more pirate on this ship.

I hope you do. (And in the next 12 hours, because it’s the cheapest way to join the party.)

But if you don’t, please promise me you’ll still ask that question. Promise me you’ll still say those words. Promise me you’ll start the year with that simple idea:

“Why not me?”

P.S. If you ask that question and get even a little bit curious about the 30 Days of Hustle, watch this.