I got permission to tell you the story I’m about to tell you.

I asked for permission because this is one of those things that everyone needs to read.

It starts with an idea I recently wrote.

In my book “Finish,” one of the chapters is about getting rid of the secret rules that guide your life.

For instance, if your parents told you that rich people were evil, the more successful you get, the guiltier you feel.

You won’t know why, but deep down, a sense of shame will start to bubble up. In response, most people will self-sabotage themselves. Right at the moment that their boat returns to the harbor, they will drill holes in it and sink it back to the bottom.

One of the women in my book mentioned that her secret rule was that being in shape was slutty somehow. She secretly believed that being out of shape was an act of humility. That’s a crazy thing to believe and she knows it, but she still struggles with it.

I spoke about this problem on a podcast recently and a mother sent me a message about it. Here’s what she said:

Why do I want you to read Finish?

Because there’s a chance you believe something about your life that just isn’t true.

More than that, I want you to read it because there’s a 13-year-old in your life who believes a lie, too.

Or maybe there’s a 42-year-old who is still believing something they heard a long time ago from a parent, a teacher or a friend. That person needs you to finish so that they can learn how to as well.

Sometimes, we don’t finish because we don’t know the rules that are really shaping and guiding our lives.

It’s time to kill those rules.

It’s time to Finish.

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