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A few things that I have been working on for 6 years are finally starting to happen.

Things I pushed on are picking up speed.

Things I didn’t even think could ever happen are starting to come together bit by bit.

But the truth is, if you told me 6 years ago that it would take me 6 years to do these things I would have told you, “I hate you.”

Maybe I wouldn’t have been that direct or blunt. I would have just said, “Thank you for your advice.” I would have shaken your hand and calmly walked away. But all the while, I would have been thinking you are mistaken. I would have thought I could go faster. That things would pick up speed sooner.

I wanted my career and dream to be a greenhouse. I didn’t want a long, slow hustle, I wanted a concentrated sprint. I wanted to plant a few things and then return days or maybe weeks later to see how fast the greenhouse had grown them. But here’s the truth:

Every dream is an orchard.

You might not believe you have trees, but you do.

You have rows and rows of seedlings. Small trees that will not provide fruit right now. Maybe not next year either.

That’s OK. It’s easy to knock down a greenhouse. They’re not the most stable of buildings.

An entire orchard? Acres and acres of land covered with slow growth trees?

That’s hard to defeat.

Desire a greenhouse all you want, I certainly did. But know this, if you want your dream to have meaning, for both you and the people you serve, you’re going to need an orchard.