I wasn’t expecting to see him there in the crosswalk.

I thought I was mistaken at first. Who walks down the street with a vacuum cleaner in the middle of the night?

I took a picture of him to make sure I wasn’t just seeing things. The photo looks like I’ve captured some sort of blurry suburban bigfoot.


I thought about that guy for months because deep down I knew what he was doing.

He was working. He was walking to a bus stop for his night shift job. Or he was walking home from his second shift job to steal a few hours of sleep before his next job started.

You don’t carry a vacuum cleaner because it’s fun, easy or glamorous. Dogs in baby carriages is definitely a thing now but I’ve yet to see someone else accessorizing their look with a Hoover.

I don’t even like carrying my vacuum cleaner in our house because it’s just tall enough that I have to do this weird T-Rex arm motion to make sure it’s elevated 6 inches off the ground as I walk.

No, that guy was carrying it because he was hustling. He was not giving up. He was charging into the night to keep a commitment. Maybe to a family safe at home asleep. Maybe to a mother he was taking care of. Maybe to a dream he promised to fulfill years ago.

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You might not carry a vacuum in the middle of the night this year, but you’ll have a chance to hustle.

You’ll have a chance to do the little things no one else wants to do.

You’ll have a chance to get back up, whether from failure or just an alarm clock that refuses to give you even 9 more minutes of snooze.

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Here’s to a year of hustle!

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