The complete list of things that smell better than Christmas Trees.

1. Nothing

That’s right, nothing.

Nothing smells better than Christmas Trees.

[Tweet “If you don’t like the smell of Christmas Trees I bet you like unfrosted pop tarts too.”]

Apple pie? Nope.

Fresh cut grass? Not even close.

Clean laundry? You’re kidding me.

Smells that remind you of chores aren’t amazing.

Neither is any smell that is supposed to mimic the beach. Call it “night time seashore,” “Ocean Escape,” “Craig goes to the sea.” I don’t care what the name is, beach themed smells never deliver.

But Christmas Trees always deliver the goods.

You light a candle that smells like a Christmas Tree and you’re no longer a stressed out mom bouncing between 19 different Christmas commitments with two screaming kids and a runny nose that just won’t quit outside of Cleveland, Ohio. One smell of that candle and you’re on the coast of Maine at Christmas time, carrying back your fresh cut tree through knee deep snow on a horse drawn carriage.


That’s the #1 reason you should buy a Hope Candle from Thistle Farms today.

The #2 reason? Your candle will help women escape trafficking, prostitution and addiction.

#3? Because Thistle Farms has been helping women for 18 years and has such high quality products that Whole Foods carries them.

#4? Seriously? You still need reasons? The Maine thing didn’t do it? Because it’s awesome to help people and if we sell 5,000 candles we can get them a new candle making machine. If they can make more candles, they can create more jobs, which will help get women off the waiting list for the two year residential rehab program Thistle Farms offers.

Christmas Trees smell fantastic and that’s what this candle smells like.

Buy one today for yourself.

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We’ve sold about 2,500 and I don’t want you to miss this chance to be part of something fun.

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