Want to go on an adventure? Want to change the world with me in a surprisingly simple way? Want to discover the most amazing group of people you’ll ever meet?

Watch this video.

Starting today, I’m asking you to help me sell 5,000 candles for Thistle Farms.

1. They do amazing work in Nashville to help women trapped in addiction, trafficking and prostitution get off the streets.
2. They work with 23 sister organizations in 17 states because the need is national.
3. The candles they make are high quality and all natural. (Thistle Farms products are so great they’re actually sold at Whole Foods!)
4. Becca Stevens, the founder, is a rock star and Thistle Farms has been around for 18 years. (That’s the equivalent of 400 non-profit years, because running a successful organization is Herculean work.)
5. It will be fun to light a candle this fall knowing your small act created a huge light for a woman who needed help finding the way home.

The candles, which are balsam fir scented, are only $22.

Buy one for yourself. Buy one for a friend. Buy one for 10 friends. They’re perfect holiday gifts!

I’ll update you on the totals sold as we go along.


I know that 5,000 candles, representing $120,000 raised, is no joke, but this community doesn’t mess around.

You built two kindergartens in Vietnam.

You donated thousands of mosquito nets for Uganda.

It’s time for a new adventure.

It’s time to light the way home.

Click here to buy a candle.

Click here to read a little more about Thistle Farms.

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