Recently, I talked to a CEO I know.

During the conversation he told me his company had started using firms that create “online background checks” for potential employees.

There are now firms that will scrape your Facebook profile, Twitter profiles and any use of social media to create an extensive profile on you.

The company thinking about interviewing you now has something new to think about.

Is that an invasion of privacy? Maybe, but the days of employers not researching your digital footprint are long gone my friend. And I’m not talking about jobs  for just high paid executives. I’m talking about any and every level of corporate work.

Why is this is a problem?

Because we all tend to be idiots online sometimes.

We complain about past bosses.

We whine about our jobs.

We post photos from spring break.

We go on long, curse filled political diatribes.

And bit by bit, pixel by pixel, we create a profile of ourselves that will sink even the most amazing resume. Want to ruin an interview that went well? Do something stupid on Facebook. Want to reduce the value of that college degree you’re getting right now? Make horrible mistakes online.

Want my best career advice?

Stop being an idiot online.

Your next job is watching. I promise.

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