This is piece of content I posted on Facebook yesterday. (You can follow me on Facebook here.)


As you can see, it’s a link to a post I wrote. The post was fairly long, fairly detailed and something I was happy with.

Here are the stats it generated:
68,128 people reached

That’s great! Or is it? Here is a photo I posted the same day.


I did not take this photo. It was something I saw BuzzFeed post, so I reposted it and gave them credit.

Here are the stats it generated:
252,672 people reached

In the past, I would have thought to myself, “Wow a quarter million reach! That’s crazy.” Then I would have moved on with my day. That was my mistake for years.

I failed to ask the most critical question a dreamer needs to ask: why?

Why did that happen?

Why did it blow up like that?

Why did people love it?

And once you ask why, you can ask the next question: how?

How can I do that again?

How can I recreate that kind of content?

How can I learn from that?

People who run the show, people who dominate markets, people who win are not geniuses. They don’t have special skills or secret tools they use. They have one thing, curiosity.

Stay curious.