An interesting thing happens when you become a full time entrepreneur. Your blog transforms from being a hobby into being part of your hustle.

I’ve blogged on and off for 13 years. During that entire time, I had a full time job so the only thing I tried to gather were ideas for this blog.

Now, I’m out on my own, figuring out my career, I need to gather ideas and individuals who will help me keep this blog up and running. (I’ve had banner ads, which are helpful, before but never sponsors.)

Fortunately, I’ve found two right out of the gate, Infusionsoft and MentionTribe.

Why did I work with both of them?

I talked to a lot of people who are smarter than me. Smart people I trust like Rory Vaden and many others recommended Infusionsoft software. Why? Because they’re good at all things I need to be good at if I’m going to get better at serving an audience. They’re awesome for instance at email management. I’ve never, ever done that well. I chose them because, in addition to wanting to sponsor this site, they are going to help me get better. And after spending time at their event and meeting their “Dream Manager,” whose full time job is to help employees dream, I knew they believed in the same stuff I believe in. (Their help with the 30 Days of Hustle has been huge. If you’re a small business that needs help with email, marketing & sales, check them out! Their heart is to help small businesses like you and me navigate all the opportunities and challenges a digital world offers.)

I loved the heart behind this idea. I had breakfast with Bryan Orr in Orlando. He’s a construction guy who thought one day, “How come folks like me, with businesses like mine, have a hard time connecting with and serving customers on the Internet?” He also realized that in real life you find the best businesses when someone says, “Oh, I have a great plumber, this is the guy” or “If you’re only going to go to one accountant in Nashville, call the woman I work with!” Instead of a site where you review the good and the bad about every business under the sun, you create a virtual best list. And businesses get to interact directly with the customers who have have recommended. I loved that this was Bryan’s dream. The way he’s working on it fit exactly with what I wrote about it Quitter and Start! Check out MentionTribe to see what I mean, a visit to the site is always better than any paragraph I can write.

So those are the kind of sponsors I’ll be working with as I figure out how to fund a site I want to stay fun. My promise is that I’ll only ever work with sponsors who I think will make you and I better at hustling on our dreams and sponsors who are working on dreams that I’m cheering for. (Going forward, I’ll also say “Sponsored post” in posts that are sponsored posts. Novel concept right?)

I can’t wait to learn more as an entrepreneur and tell you guys all about it!