Every day, people tell me about a dream they are going to do. They, like me sometimes, have words and words and words about what they will do one day.

It’s time to be honest and maybe even a little mean and tell you the truth about talking about your dreams:

Shut up already and do it.

Doing is better than talking.

Doing finishes more often than talking.

Doing wins. Talking imagines what it would be like to win.

Like Sony and their ad agency. They could talk about how waterproof their MP3 player is. They could write brochures and advertising copy and words and words and words. Or, they could sell the headphones and MP3 player in a water bottle. From a vending machine. (You can read more about it on the next web.)




Talking is fun.

I like talking. But doing is the stuff dreams are really made of.

Got a dream you’ve been talking about a lot lately?

Shut up already and do it.