You have the ability to change your life every day of the year. This is true, but two specific months are better than any others. What are they?

January and September.

We all know why January matters, but why is September so amazing?

1. Back to school momentum.

Tens of millions of people are getting geared up for the big change that school represents. There’s tremendous national momentum.

2. Most people are done with vacation.

Again, on a national level, people are “getting back to business” after summer vacations. There’s a tidal wave of possibility.

3. The season changes.

As an added bonus, the season switches from summer to fall officially further driving home the feeling of change. (Don’t tell Tennessee this which will remain hot until like February.)

This year, I don’t want you to miss the magic of September.

That’s why I’m doing a free challenge called “SeptemberJanuary.”

You, me and thousands of people from across the planet are going to spend 30 days working on things we care about.

It’s free, it’s fun and registration closes August 31st at midnight.

Challenge is closed.