We’ve tallied your results!  The greatest path to mastering your mindset is to:
REPEAT your new soundtracks

What does it mean to master your mindset? It means learning how to tell your brain who’s boss. 

Most people don’t believe me when I say that overthinking can be turned into a superpower, but it can. That’s why I created this assessment – to prove that if you use my 3R method, you can teach your thoughts to fight for you, not against you. 

This assessment will show you where you need to focus in your journey to transforming your thoughts so that you can turn overthinking from a super problem into a superpower. 

We’ve tallied your results and the R Principle that will give you the greatest path to mastering your mindset is to: REPEAT your new Soundtracks until they are as automatic as the old, broken ones. 

Here’s what that means: 

Even when you own the responsibility of replacing your broken soundtracks, it’s still possible for old, broken soundtracks to creep back up. We don’t have a switch to just flip off old thoughts, so once you’ve identified old soundtracks, replaced them with new ones, it’s time to tell them to yourself over and over until they become as automatic as the old ones. 


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More About Soundtracks

It took me years of personal experience, feedback from thousands of people just like you and research with Mike Peasley PhD before I figured out what it took to really master my mindset. Once I figured it out, I wanted to share what I learned with anyone that would listen, so I wrote a book about how my life changed when I learned to turn my thoughts into actions and my actions into results. 

It’s called Soundtracks (I bet you’re so surprised by the title), and it will take you through the process of retiring your broken soundtracks, replacing them with new soundtracks, and repeating those new soundtracks until they are automatic.

It’s full of real stories of people who built winning mindsets. 

There’s a ton of research. 

And it’s funny. 

This process changed my life, changed my business and changed my family. It has the power to change everything for you, too. 

Get your copy of my new book here and start the journey to turning overthinking from a super problem into a superpower today.