This is a conversation from the Acuff kitchen table.

Jenny: “Social media is our generation’s alchemy.”

Me: “What do you mean?”

Jenny: “People tried to use alchemy to turn lead into gold. It was a shortcut that promised riches but was ultimately empty. Social media is the same way. People think that it’s a shortcut to riches. They think that the old ways of hustle, hard work, relationships and patience no longer apply. We want to go viral overnight. We want to blow up our blogs with one good post. We want a publishing deal because reddit loved something we blogged about. We are all trying to turn lead into gold.”

Me: “You’re smart. Let’s make out.”

OK, I didn’t say that last part. I never say that because Jenny is always the one trying to make out with me. It’s a real nuisance sometimes, this constantly being kissed thing. But being this handsome is a gift and a responsibility.

She’s right though. Quit trying to turn lead into gold. Stop looking for shortcuts.

Work hard instead.

That’s still the answer.