Trying to make everyone like you is an exhausting waste of creativity.

And time.

And just about every other resource you are short on in life.

Trying to win approval and affirmation are bonfires that will not be satisfied. So we throw what we have in. We write blogs that will get readers but don’t reflect us, create books that will be popular but not fill us and say yes to favors we’d rather not do because we are afraid of the power of our no.

We push and pull and hustle in the hope that our efforts will make 100% of the people who come in contact with us like us.

They won’t. That’s OK. I promise.

There’s great freedom in going rogue, in releasing yourself from the expectation that you’ll be universally loved. There’s great freedom in not confusing popularity with success. There’s great freedom in not measuring your self worth by your approval rating.

Quit trying to make everyone like you.

It costs you far more than it gives you.