People sometimes ask me what my least favorite thing on Twitter is. That’s an easy question and one that I have written about before but people keep doing.

I can’t stand when someone retweets a compliment about themselves. Instead of just telling the person who tweeted that, “Thank you!” They retweet the whole thing and tack on a thank you at the end.

Why is that so dumb?

Let’s think about this in real life.

Retweeting a compliment about yourself would be like if you were at a party and a girl told you that she liked your coat. Instead of just telling her thank you to her face, you stood up on a chair and shouted. “Hey everyone! Carol likes my coat. I think a few of you might have missed that, so I wanted to make sure you knew! Carol, right here, likes my coat!”

That would be dumb.

And so is retweeting compliments about yourself.

Quit it.