I took this photo at the grocery store yesterday.

I have to imagine it’s pretty amazing to be the royal dog. You probably get to chew on dinosaur bones and what not. (Not sure why access to fossils is my definition of amazing, but there it is.) But when I looked into that dog’s eyes, which I did while buying my groceries, I didn’t see a monarch minded hound. I saw a dog living in terror. A dog that has suddenly found himself one step further from the throne.

A dog, with a new tail pulling, eye poking baby in the house. (Even if that house is a castle.)

I feel like the baby is saying, “As soon as this photo is over I am going to saddle you like a Nottingham steed and ride you through the forests of NorthUplandHampshire.” (Pretty sure that sentence sounded wicked British.)

And the dog is saying, “Put me down! Put me down! Put me down! I have seen things.” That’s what it says to me. What does it say to you?

How would you caption this photo?