(This is a post from the ever talented, ever awesome Casey Lewis!)


Most people choose a bank based on proximity to home and work and the ATM locations in between.

Let’s face it, outside of using the camera on your phone to make a checking deposit, there’s not a ton of innovation happening in the personal banking world.

There are checking accounts, savings accounts, CD’s & money market accounts. And every bank, on every street corner in America provides pretty much these exact same products.

So how is a bank to stand out from the crowd? What’s the differentiating factor?


The primary way banks can show why they’re better is through taking exceptional care of their customers.

But it’s one thing to say you provide great service, but a completely different thing to educate people on how awesome you really are.

You could spend $500,000 in an ad campaign telling people how amazing the service at your bank is and probably not land many new customers, or you could do something awesome like TD Bank did.

Choose Delight.

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