Something unusual has started to happen to me.

Online and at events, people are coming up to me and saying something I wasn’t expecting.

Sure, they comment on my height, which is overwhelming and giraffe like. But more than that, they’re saying some form of this sentence:

“You helped me finish my goal, here it is.”

And then they hand me something they’ve written, built, designed or accomplished.

For instance, the other day, someone tweeted this:

That’s amazing and not the kind of response I’ve ever had with any other book I’ve written.

Why am I excited about that?

Because you have something you’re supposed to finish, too.

I don’t know what it is.

You do. It’s that little voice inside that haunts sometimes during moments where the quiet is faster than your ability to distract yourself with a smartphone.

You know the voice, we all have it.

“Write your book,” it whispers.

“Run that race,” it intones.

“Start that business,” it encourages.

“Ask for that raise,” it nudges.

The question is, “Will you listen?” The bigger question is, “Will you finish?”

I think you will.

Why do I think that?

Because I keep meeting people like you in cities across the country who are using the research and real practical steps in my book to do just that.

You’ve waited long enough. The voice has done its part. It’s time to do yours.

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