You are going to make a mistake. Regardless of the particular dream you are chasing, there is going to be some mishap. There will be a typo on a blog, an order sent to the wrong address, a meeting missed.

And you will feel like the only one who makes mistakes.

You are not. In fact, here’s one from the front page of the Huffington Post. They have a bajillionty readers and editors who ensure they have very few mistakes. But they still have them.

Check out the headline below. Wow, 31 out of 49 people got taken out in a race. That means that only 18 people finished the race. Or does it? Read the first paragraph, it says the exact opposite of the headline. Turns out 31 people finished the race, which is the complete reverse of “taken out.”

They made a mistake. So will you. That’s OK. Make em’ and move on.