This January, the paperback of my newest book, Do Over, comes out. Here’s the cover. (Please note the sleeves rolled up to show you that I’m approachable and relatable.)


The shirt I wore isn’t wavy like this photo. I assure you.

Every time I release a book, I think about the handful of times people told me “don’t.”

The truth is I haven’t had a large group of opposition in my career. We sometimes like to dramatize or exaggerate the obstacles we face so we seem more important or victorious.

But here’s the thing, a little criticism usually feels like a lot.

You’ll carry a single sentence from a family member or even a stranger for a decade before you put it down.

An offhand remark about your photography, writing, small business or anything else can land like a ton of bricks.

I’ve been told I can’t write. I’ve been told I can’t start a business. I’ve been told I can’t make it.

I’ve been told don’t. And so have you.

But never let people who won’t, tell you don’t.

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Sometimes we don’t want people to chase dreams because we’re not. Misery loves company. More than that, misery recruits it, hoping that you’ll give up too.

Keep going.

More than that, build strong relationships, sharpen your skills, invest in hustle and have a firm foundation of character.

How? Read a New York Times Bestseller about those exact four things.

I have one to recommend. I think you should pre-order it today.

It’s the best way to start your January.

And I’ll never tell you don’t.