NetGalley Troubleshooting

Oh no! You had trouble downloading your preview copy of Do Over. Here’s information that should help you fix any of the issues you’re having with the book.

How can I download Do Over from NetGalley?

After you have created and authorized your NetGalley account, you will have to click on the download button that was sent to you.  You can then access the Do Over title details page from your Dashboard or Shelf. You will see two reading options:

Send to Kindle – Press this button if you are using a Kindle or Kindle Fire or Kindle app on the iPad or Android

Download button – Press this button if you are using any of the following devices:
Your computer (via Adobe Digital Editions)
iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch (via Bluefire Reader app)
Android phone or tablet
Nexus 7 tablet
Kobo eReader or Tablet
Sony Reader
For complete instructions for sending NetGalley titles to these devices, click here.


Send to Kindle button:

Send a NetGalley file to your Kindle device or app, using your or email address. Make sure to follow the instructions here.


Can I share the files I download from NetGalley?

Readers cannot share the book they download or obtain from NetGalley. We do alert readers to respect copyright.


I see a note that the publisher has archived Do Over, what does this mean?

If you see a note that Do Over is archived (instead of the Download or Send to Kindle buttons), it is no longer accessible via NetGalley. As promised, the preview edition disappears like Cinderella on April 7th, 2015 when the real book comes out. After Do Over is archived you will not be able to download another copy of the file, or access the file through NetGalley at all. For more information on expiration and archive dates click here.


My title expired, should I re-request it?

You can re-download Do Overif you have run out of time, so long as it is before midnight on April 6. Just log back into your NetGalley account, go to your Activity or Shelf section, click Do Over, and then you should see the green download buttons.  More information about expiration and archive dates available here.


The formatting of the file on my device is off, what do I do?

Formatting errors are highly dependent on the formatting of the PDF – the fonts, margins, graphics, etc can all affect how it appears on an e-reader. If the formatting makes the file unreadable contact support and we’ll take a look at it and let you know what we find.


When I download the title the file is blank!

If you find a blank file, NetGalley is happy to check into it for you. Just contact support for help and be sure to include the title and ISBN.


Why do I have to download an .acsm file?

The file type that you’re seeing is correct, since it’s a Protected PDF that you’re downloading. The program you’ll need to open and read the file is Adobe Digital Editions. Here is how to make sure the file opens correctly:

Once you have Adobe Digital Editions installed (, it’s a good idea to make sure you select Adobe Digital Editions as the preferred program for these file types: .acsm and .epub.

Here’s how on a PC: go to your Control Panel and select Default Programs then Set Associations for BOTH file types (.acsm and .epub). If you have Windows XP, here is a helpful step-by-step:

The two file types that need to be associated with Adobe Digital Editions are .acsm and .epub files. You also may need to restart your computer, then go to NetGalley and click on DOWNLOAD – when it says “open with” make sure that Adobe Digital Editions is the selected application in that window. If not, you should browse for it.

Here’s how on a MAC:

  1. Right click the file you want to change the associations/default program for (the .acsm file you downloaded).
  2. Click “Get Info.”
  3. Click the dropdown for the “Open With” section.
  4. Select the program you want to be associated with this file type (Adobe Digital Editions), and this will be the default program. If you don’t see it in the list, select “other” and file the application in the applications folder.
  5. Click “Change All” so that all files with this extension/type will open with this program.

*One additional Mac-specific fix: You might need to delete the 1.6 Adobe Digital Editions and replace it with the 1.7. Go to the Adobe Digital support page and follow directions for this specific issue. Before downloading 1.7 Adobe Digital Editions you need to purge every instance of the previous version from every nook and cranny of your Mac.


Still having problems? Please email [email protected] or [email protected].