Since 2011, I’ve written five books.


The short answer is that I started valuing my most important resource, time.

It’s the only resource I can never earn more of, but for the first 35 years of my life, I didn’t put a huge priority on it. A variety of things helped me change my focus about how I spend my time, but there’s been one piece of paper that has kept me on track these last seven years.

In 2011, I discovered a guy named Jesse Phillips. He was designing a new calendar that would give you a gorgeously laid out look at the entire year ahead. It was massive and easy to use. So, I bought it and started plotting out my adventures.

Suddenly, the “surprises” that used to knock me off course weren’t that surprising anymore because I could see them a month away. Suddenly, I had a better sense of what to say no to and what to say yes to because I could tangibly see how much time certain things would cost me. Suddenly, by planning things like vacations and dates with my wife they actually happened.

I’ve personally used these calendars for seven years. I mount them on foam board and keep them as a record of each year. Here is my collection.

Eventually, I decided I loved the calendars so much that I partnered with Jesse to make my own.

The best part is that right now, you can get it for 25% off.

Most people don’t make New Year’s Resolutions. They make January resolutions and have given up by now.

Not you. You’ve got 93% of the year left.

Don’t miss it.

It’s time to make the most of time.

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