A few months ago I live tweeted the Grammys.

While I was, someone I used to know said something mean about me. (Not to my face, but on Twitter, because where’s the fun in actually telling someone directly?)

I thought he raised an interesting question though, “Why do I live tweet events?”

I have an answer for you or rather 692 answers.

That’s the number of new followers I got that night. That’s the number of folks who had never heard of me who followed me. I know what you’re thinking, “I bet you lost a lot of followers too.” I definitely did, but 692 represents the net number after I subtracted all the people who unfollowed me that night. (I took the tweet above from a Parade Magazine article about the Best Tweets of the Grammys, which again is a fun way to get connected to folks who might not normally follow me on Twitter.)

Do I live tweet events often? Nope, only two events a year or three a year if it’s Olympic season.

And I do it because it’s fun, it challenges me to be a better writer, it frustrates people who don’t like me and it’s the day I gain the most followers the entire year.

Have you ever live tweeted an event?