People younger than you will die today.

People in better shape, people who floss more, people who believe the same lie you and I believe: We can do that later.

The truth is, we don’t own later.

We rent today.

We borrow a meager handful of hours and think that makes us the king of the calendar.

We are not.

We rent the day, not own it.

But we are certain that someday we will do that thing.

We will start that business or write that book or marry that guy.

These are nice dreams, but the container called “someday” that we are putting them in does not exist.

You get today.

I get today.

Today is a reality.

Tomorrow is a maybe.

Number it, know it, lean into it as if it’s the only day you get.

Because guess what, it will be some day.

And I don’t want you to leave this planet with a single thing you were going to do someday.