Finish Journal

Because the future belongs to finishers.

Do you have a big goal?

Meet your new favorite goal planner, the Finish Journal.

The Finish Journal combines the thoughtful design of the Leuchtturm1917 notebook with goal-finishing strategies from New York Times bestselling author and self-proclaimed goal nerd, Jon Acuff, author of Finish: Give Yourself the Gift of Done.

Jon has helped hundreds of thousands of people achieve goals that range from running a marathon to writing a book to recording a debut violin album. No matter what your big goal is, The Finish Journal will help you make a plan, track your progress, and most importantly, cross the finish line.


Available in Fox Red or Navy

Finishing a goal is the best feeling in the world.

Want to write a book?
Ready to start a business?
Are you going to run a marathon?
Do you want to get in shape?

Use the Finish Journal to plan, track and accomplish your next goal!

220 pages including a 42-page exclusive book

20+ Soundtracks for motivation

step-by-step guide to plan your goals

Jon's favorite journal by Leuchtturm1917

tips to help you cross the finish line

Ways to track your progress

To finish any goal, just focus on 4 simple components:

  • Results: Choose personal, inspiring and specific results for your goals.
  • Actions: Break big goals into small steps and track your progress.
  • Time: Win the day, the week and the year by scheduling your time.
  • Motivation: Build a simple portfolio so you never run out of inspiration.

I'm Jon Acuff & used to be the worst finisher in human history but then…

I learned something surprising about goals.

A goal is never just a goal. A goal is a promise. It’s a promise you make to your family, your boss, your team and ultimately yourself. Every time you start a new goal and don’t finish it, you’re breaking the promise. The longer you break old promises, the harder it is to make new ones because you don’t trust yourself anymore.

Something had to change and it did. I commissioned a research study with PhD Mike Peasley. We worked with nearly 900 people for six months on their goals. We wanted to know what it takes to transform from a chronic starter into a consistent finisher. What we learned changed my life.

Now, we’ve combined all that research, a step-by-step guide to your next goal and the best notebook company in the world to create the Finish Journal. All my goals start and finish inside these pages. Watch what happens when yours do too!

Finish Writing My Novel Launch My Etsy Shop Complete My First Marathon Buy My First Home Get Promoted to Manager Pay Off My Student Loans Save $50,000 for Retirement Visit All 50 States Become Fluent in Spanish Lose 20 Pounds Switch to a Plant-Based Diet Open a Coffee Shop Take a Family Vacation to Europe Go Back to College for My MBA Start Investing in Real Estate Volunteer at a Local Shelter Master Baking Artisan Bread Read 50 Books This Year Meditate Daily for 30 Minutes Organize My Home Office Remodel My Kitchen Save Six Months of Expenses Attend Industry Networking Events Plan Monthly Family Game Nights Learn to Play the Guitar Adopt a Rescue Dog Join a Local Book Club Attend a TEDx Conference Mentor a Junior Colleague Earn a Project Management Certification Take a Cross-Country Road Trip Improve My Public Speaking Skills Limit Social Media Use to 30 Minutes a Day Attend a Yoga Retreat Join an Adult Soccer League Start a Vegetable Garden Practice Daily Gratitude Journaling Take a Painting Class Build a Treehouse for My Kids DIY Renovate My Bathroom

Accomplish Your Goals