A few weeks ago, a guy named Jordan Geist sent me an email. Here’s what it said:

In 2017, I was tired of quitting on a bunch of goals and resolutions just weeks in, I had basically not worked out since college and read the first chapter of maybe 10 different books, so I was excited to hear about “Finish.”

Jordan and I have a lot in common. I have 10 different half started notebooks on my book shelf. I’ve half trained for races, started complicated carb hating diets and almost written more books than I can count.

How about you? Have you ever found it hard to finish a goal? You’re not alone. According to a University of Scranton study, 92% of all resolutions fail.

Jordan’s email continued:

In December, I finished Finish as the only book I finished in 2017.

As an author, I am required by literary law to tell you that any month is a great month to read my book! The truth is, December, January and September are the best months for a book like “Finish” because you have natural calendar momentum that will help you.

After I had thought up some 2018 “goals” of 24 books and running a marathon that I already knew I’d quit in January, I cut those to 12 books and a 10K upon reading your book.

Cutting your goals in half flies against every aggressive, red bulled Instagram motivational advice you hear, but it actually works. Why? It’s based in research. I partnered with a PhD named Mike Peasley to create the concepts in “Finish.” We studied nearly 900 people for six months as they worked on goals. One of the things we found is that people who cut their goals in half are 63% more successful in the long run. But did it work for Jordan?

I’m currently reading book 27 of the year, ran a 10K in April and am registered for the Dallas Half Marathon in December (and have lost 20 pounds, my wife thanks you too).

Instead of having a crazy goal that he’d give up on, Jordan read “Finish” and had a practical plan that actually works.

I think I can genuinely say I’ve utilized every concept in the book, and never laughed so hard reading one either.

I don’t like reading boring books and neither should you. Finishing a goal is hard enough without wading through advice that will put you to sleep. I think the story about the ping pong coach I hired is one of the funniest things I’ve ever written. (And most ridiculous things I’ve ever done.)

I love Jordan’s email and I’d love you to write me one after you read “Finish” and actually accomplish your goals.

Maybe there’s a pair of pants you want to fit back into or a book you want to write or a business you want to start.

Regardless of your goal, this is the best time to get Finish.


The paperback version came out today and it’s only $11. And for a limited time, I’ll send you access to the Finish Video Series – 12 videos expanding on the ideas in the book, plus a workbook – for FREE when you email me your receipt. (Click here to get your free video series.)

Starting is fun, but the future belongs to finishers.

What email will you write me in 2019?