When I start a new idea, I start small. I write a blog post. If that goes well, I graduate the idea to a Pinterest board. If that goes well, then we try something else.

Thus, the Empty Shelf Challenge on Tumblr! (It’s in beta form, but you can check it out here. The url is ““)

The challenge is simple, this year take a photo of an empty bookshelf, real or digital. Each time you read a new book, whether printed book or e-book, take another photo as the shelf fills up. I promise at the end of the year you will have read more than you did last year.

As of this moment, members of this challenge have read an estimated 150,000 pages this year. That’s unreal.

The best part is we can all post on the Tumblr.

I am making it a shared site. If you want to post, fill out this 1 question survey.

Why should you post on this site? Well, I am going to blow up this site and make it super awesome. If you have a different chance to be on the ground floor of a new site from a different New York Times Bestseller that is going to help get your name out there, join that one. I hope that author likes queso.

What should you post? Photos of your books, photos of your shelves, reviews of the books you read, etc.

It’s time to amplify the fun of this challenge.

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