How do you pick the right goal to work on?

That’s a really common question because the reality is that most of us have more than one thing we want to do.

We have health goals and financial goals and business goals and writing goals.

Our wish lists are so packed with possibility that it feels overwhelming.

How do you know if you’re working on the wrong thing? Here’s one way:

If an idea ever gets to the “Joey is in love with Rachel” stage, it’s time to quit.

After years of superb writing, the show Friends was out of gas. There was nothing left in the tank. In a desperate Hail Mary, they made Joey, played by Matt Leblanc, fall in love with Rachel, played by Jennifer Anniston.

This was a garbage plotline.

For years, Joey’s character was established as a player, a shallow, silly man prone to date only the most vapid of characters. Now suddenly, he was deeply and sincerely in love with Rachel. It made no sense and was a terrible turn for a show running out of ideas.

If your dream ever takes a turn and you do the equivalent of making Joey date Rachel, beware. If you’ve built your company on customer service and then decide to undercut it all to save money, beware. If your book is wonderfully researched but then you phone in the conclusion because you’re exhausted, beware. If one cheat day on your diet turns into 4 cheat days, beware.

A little Joey and Rachel can creep into all our goals.

Ross and Rachel 4-eva.

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