The New Year is upon us but so is an old fear.

It’s too late!

You missed your chance. It will take too long. Your ship has already sailed. You’re too old! The window is closed. You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.

Why bother?

The doubt parade has no balloons but it does come with plenty of words.

And it starts a lot earlier than you think.

I met a 23-year-old in Kansas City this fall who told me he already peaked. He used to have a dream job and now he didn’t. It was too late for him to do something else.

He was 23.

This fear is persistent.

When it hits you in 2016, when the shine of a New Year’s Resolution wears off in February and you worry that you don’t have time to become the person you’ve always wanted to be, remember this:

It’s only too late if you’re dead.

If you’re not, you’ve still got time.

If you’re still breathing, there’s still time to change your life.

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How do I know?

Because a 72-year-old joined the 30 Days of Hustle Challenge.

He’s going to use the challenge to learn piano.

The week he signed up he ran a 10K on Saturday and a 5K on Sunday.

He’s 72.

What’s your excuse?

Because it can’t be that it’s too late, because that one’s a lie.

Whether you’re 25 or 45 or 72, it’s never too late.

I can’t wait to hustle with my new friend this January.

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Don’t listen to fear.

It’s never too late.