You’ve got a lot of things to do today so let’s get right to the point.

Your platform isn’t for you.

It’s not yours.

Your name might be on it. It might be your smiling headshot that folks see each day on your blog or your twitter profile, but the platform is not for you.

It’s for other people.

Readers, friends, family members, this is why we blog.

Not to get, but to give.

If you don’t share your platform, it will suffocate you.

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I speak not from theory but from experience. I used to think my platform was mine. I got lost in things like New York Times bestseller lists and affirmation and attention.

I only got a tiny scrap of fame but it was enough to teach me that it hollows you out, it doesn’t fill you up. And it’s incredibly addictive.

But then I learned that my platform is not for me.

It’s for others.

Like Terry.

She’s a survivor of addiction and trafficking. She’s also the barista at Thistle Farms in Nashville, an amazing non-profit in Nashville. They offer a two year residential program to help woman like Terry have a second chance.


There are over 100 women on the waiting list to get into Thistle Farms. That’s not OK with me. Although I might not have a ton of money or a solution to all of the world’s problems, I do have a platform. That’s why I made this video:


I hope you’ll buy a candle and help me light the way home for women still on the street. I hope you’ll buy 10 candles and give them out as Christmas gifts because they smell like Christmas trees and who doesn’t love that?

I hope you’ll retweet this post like crazy, put it on Facebook and use your platform for someone who doesn’t have one.

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It’s going to be pretty amazing when we sell 5,000 candles and help Thistle Farms change the world.

Don’t miss the chance to be part of this experience!