Chasing a dream is like being on an island. You spend months, maybe even years working that geography. You know every palm tree, every rock, every flower of that small landscape. This is your baby, this is your dream!

And it’s an amazing island, I am proud of your island, I am, but I have to warn you about something.

Islands need bridges. Islands need boats. Islands need runways.

Even the best island will never be as awesome as it could be unless there are ways for other people to connect to it and in a lot of times, actually add to it. For example, I like to encourage people to chase their dreams. For about 6 years I did this by writing down ideas in my journal and grabbing coffee with friends. I had an island that I loved but was afraid to build a bridge to it.

So my ideas stayed pretty small. Until I got online. Suddenly there were a thousand possible bridges. Suddenly there were a million boats. Suddenly, I could put a runway on my island and allow amazing planes like the Dreamers & Builders Facebook group to land. The best part is that when you share your island, it grows bigger than you. The Dreamers & Builders group isn’t mine. It’s ours. That’s a huge difference.

The best dreams always transform from yours to ours.

I love finding new bridges. They can be people, platforms and sometimes companies. Doing this all on my own these last 6 months has honestly been pretty intimidating. I don’t have the awesome team around me that I once did. I felt like I was back on the island. But you guys brought your boats. And some amazing companies landed their planes. On Monday I’m opening the 30 Days of Hustle back up for sign up for the next round. And this time, I have a ridiculous email/internet/ninja company that is helping me do it. Talk about staying a small island, hundreds of people missed out last time because I screwed up the sign up the email sign up process.

Not anymore. The lonely island days are over.

Dreams are more fun when more people are part of them.

Thanks for the bridges and boats.

Here’s to more to come.