The Do Over Book tour is here!


Here’s how it’s going to work:

For some cities, I’ll be doing signings at local bookstores. You can register for those events at the links below. For other cities, I’ll be doing meetups with the help of people like you! (And we might even add some cities!)

The first wave of cities is listed below. If you’d like to help me put together a meetup in one of cities with “TBD” listed beside it, please email Lauren from Shelton Interactive. (All it takes is a space we can get 100 people in like a coffee shop, church, college, etc. It’s really casual. If you can help, shoot us an email and we’ll email you back after the holiday weekend.)

Current Book Tour Cities:
Toronto, Canada: April 15th TBD – Email Lauren to help.
New Orleans, LA: April 19 TBD – Email Lauren to help.
Lynchburg, VA: April 21 – Click here to sign up.
Dayton, OH: April 24 – Email Lauren to help.
Atlanta, GA: April 28 – Click here to sign up
Tulsa, OK: May 4 – Click here to sign up
Dallas, TX: May 5 – Click here to sign up
Tampa, FL: May 7 – Click here to sign up
Salt Lake City, UT: May 29 TBD – Email Lauren to help.

p.s. Have you ordered a copy of Do Over yet? You’ve only got 4 days left to get all the pre-order perks! Order a copy today!