My confession is silly, but it is true.


I never finished the Harry Potter series.

I read every book and almost the entire last one, but then stopped before I read the last page.


Because I used to be terrible at finishing.

I’d make a million plans, start a million projects and launch a million hopes only to have them all limp to early deaths somewhere in the middle of the journey.

Maybe you’ve done that too.

Maybe you have half read books or half started business ideas or half started diets.

Want to know why that’s so destructive?

Because a goal is never just a goal. A goal is a promise. It’s a promise to yourself and every time you don’t finish it, you’ve broken a promise. You’ve lied to yourself about something small or something big. Those little lies build up over the years until you no longer trust yourself.

That’s why when you start a new diet, you can almost hear a voice inside say, “Oh sure, this is going to last for like a week until you quit.” That’s why when you sit down to write your book, that voice says, “Why even bother? You didn’t finish the last one or the one before that.” This is why when you decide to declutter your house, the voice remarks, “Oh, you read the magic book of tidying up again and got excited? Here we go for a week.”

I’m tired of that voice.

I’m tired of starting with enthusiasm but then giving up.

I’m ready for something new and it begins this summer.

I declare this the Summer of Finish! What’s that?

It’s simple, I’m challenging us to finish one thing we care about during an 8-week process.

That’s it.

You choose the thing.

It could be health-related. Hustle on your fitness this summer.

It could be book-related. Finally finish that novel that has haunted you for years.

It could be money-related. Use the summer to get your finances in shape.

It can be anything you want it to be.

What will I do?

I’ll give you a bunch of free resources. (This is 100% free.) Here’s what you’ll get:

• Access to a private Summer of Finish periscope account!
• 8-week email course, mailed weekly to you.
• A Summer of Finish checklist to chart progress.
• Surprises along the way.

That’s it.

If you’re in, just sign up here today.

It’s free.

It will be fun.

And most importantly, it will help you finish.

Let’s make 2017 the Summer of Finish!