Have you ever been fired? I have.

The first time, my boss told me I’d never be a writer.

The second time, my boss told me I’d never be able to build a business.

The writer comment hurt at the time. It took me years to work through that one. The second time I got fired though I was already in fuel mode and just used that to get even more motivated.

Both times though, the experts were wrong.

That’s the funny thing about “experts” like bosses.

They’re in a position of power, but here’s something you need to remember, they don’t have power over the future.

They’re bosses, not fortune tellers. They don’t know what tomorrow holds. They don’t know who you’re going to be or how you’re going to grow.

The problem though is that if you’re not careful, their words will shape your future.

A negative word is actually a fence. It’s a boundary put on what you’re capable of and if you let it stay there, guess what?

You won’t write a book.

You won’t build a business.

You won’t move to California.

You won’t run a marathon.

You won’t lose weight.

You won’t do any of those things because you’ll let a word from the past define your future.

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I was reminded of this yesterday when the Celtics beat the Sixers 4-1 to advance to the Eastern Conference Finals.

When 21 experts, people who have dedicated their entire lives to the study of basketball, were asked who would win, 18 out of 21 picked the Sixers. Almost 90% of the experts picked the Sixers to beat the Celtics.

They weren’t just a little wrong, they were incredibly wrong.

The Celtics didn’t just win, they almost swept.

The only thing bigger than the dreams you’ll have is the doubts you’ll receive.

That’s alright.

The experts don’t control the future.

If you’re ready to prove them wrong, read this today.