All the hustle in the world doesn’t matter if you’re doing the wrong thing.

Putting your head inside a machine that is designed for your legs for instance, won’t get you a strong head.

It will get you on the Internet and Pinterest though.

But all too often we think all we need is hustle, hard work and confidence. Nope.

Hustle without purpose is wasted motion.

Hard work without meaning is foolish grind.

Confidence without skill is misguided arrogance.

How do you know if you’re doing the right thing? Here are three easy ways:

1. Check the results.
Not on day one, but if on day 400 you’re still not seeing any results, there’s a chance you might be doing the wrong thing.

2. Check your destination.
If your goal is to write books and you’re spending 100% of your time networking instead of writing, you might not end up where you think you’ll end up.

3. Check your friends.
This is the most important one of all. Is there any doubt that if this photo above is real, that poor guy does not have a workout partner? Ask people you trust if they think you’re generally working on the right thing.

Hustle and hard work are amazing when they are aimed in the right direction.

When they’re not, they just make you look silly.