Recently, my youngest daughter told me that I’m not good at finishing things.

I told her, “I finished writing 5 books.” (Including the new one Do Over!)

She said, “Yeah, but it took 5 years.”

Tough crowd at the Acuff house, but there’s a chance my youngest daughter has a high expectation of what it means to finish because of what her older sister just did with a rainbow loom.

Was the rainbow loom a trend where you live?

In Nashville, it was gigantic, with tens of thousands of kids turning tiny colorful rubber bands into bracelets.

One of those kids is named L.E. Acuff.

She’s my 11-year-old and decided one day that she wanted to make more than just a bracelet. Inspired by a full-length dress she saw on the news, she decided to make a skirt.

Let me repeat that, she decided to make a wearable skirt out of rainbow loom rubber bands.

She didn’t have a pattern. She didn’t know how she’d be able to afford all the rubber bands. She didn’t know how long it would take.

But she did know one thing – she was going to finish.

A few weeks ago she did.

It took her six months to make.

It took more than 11,000 rubber bands.

But she did it. Here is a photo of her wearing it and a close up of the detail.

Skirt Photos

When I asked her what she learned through the experience she told me, “Good things come to those who finish.”

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I don’t know if Abraham Lincoln said that first or if L.E. did, but I know this, she’s right.

Whatever you are working on right now, it’s going to be hard to finish.

Quitting will be a lot easier. Giving up is simpler. Stopping will feel better at times.


See it through. Complete it. Launch it.

Why? Because as L.E. Acuff once told me “Good things come to those who finish.”