I don’t have an office anymore so I’ve been writing in a lot of coffee shops.

Over the last few weeks I’ve learned something simple.

If you tweet where you are working, you don’t really want to work.

You want a friend to stop by and distract you.

You want a former coworker to say hi.

You want to talk with other people about there favorite item at that particular coffee shop.

If you want to write or start a business or work on a dream, you don’t announce where you are at in the hope that some thread of distraction will seize you, preventing you from doing what ever it is you’re afraid of.

Tweet later.

Work now.

But maybe you’re not even on Twitter. Fair enough, let’s expand this idea. If you go to the coffee shop and pick the most public area to sit, you don’t want to work. You’re afraid of your work. Just like I am some time. At the coffee shop I go to, the downstairs is packed and full of people chatting with each other. Upstairs? That’s for the ballers. That’s for the authors who actually finish their work. And don’t tell me you have to be around people to get your work done. There are still people upstairs. There’s still energy and excitement.

Stop making excuses.

Do your work.