woods 2

We fear the woods.

They are dark and unkind at times.

We would pave a path through them if we could. A wooden bridge over their waters, a cut walk way through their downed trees.

We can’t see the way clearly but perhaps even scarier is what we can see.

We can see us.

In the quiet corners when the light has been suffocated by thick branches.

In the moss covered, sound swallowing ground, there is no distraction to hide in.

No phone that will rescue us from the silence of our own hearts.

We fear the woods, but we can’t stop looking at them.

They are there, from the corners of windows we don’t want to look out but can’t ignore.

It’s time to go into the woods.

It’s time to go fully or don’t go at all with your dream.

Lean into it with your life. Gather up the pieces that matter, pile them in the center of your kitchen that refuses to stay clean and throw them into the fire of your idea.

Risk relationships.

Risk finding out who your friends really are.

Risk failure.

Risk success, the most dangerous thing of all.

Don’t aim for a flicker when a bonfire calls.

We have enough shallow dreams.

We’re full up on safe.

We’ve got boring covered.

We need more people in the woods.

The year is drawing to a close and the person you wanted to be barely made a cameo.


Because who we really are is never coaxed out of the shadows by comfort.

It’s chipped away like marble in the crucible of the woods.

It’s burned away like morning fog in the light of the woods.

It’s sifted through like gold in the thickness of the woods.

Tomorrow will not be different unless today is first.

It’s time to put your feet where your heart has always been.

Fear no woods.