Recently, my friend Bryan asked me, “Why haven’t you told more people about the 5 ways they can say no idea you wrote?”

I responded, “Did I write that?”

He laughed and we started talking about what happens when you blog a lot. You “lose” whole sections of content. Things that you worked your butt off on get lost in the ether of a blog. No one goes back months and months to read your content. So what was valuable, just gets covered up and forgotten.

Bryan had stumbled onto something he thought was useful. I wrote about how hard it is for me to say no. He thought other people, more than the people that read it the day it came out, needed to see it. Then he gave me a dare.

The dare was small.

He wanted to do an experiment.

What’s that? A small test that destroys your fear of change.

So he proposed one. He turned 3 ideas I’ve written about into resources. Then he programmed some amazing pages. Then he worked the whole thing through InfusionSoft. (Sponsored thought, they are awesome and you should totally check them out if you have any sales and marketing needs. Click here!) Then, like Michael Hyatt brilliantly does with his tool kit on his site, he turned it into a pop up. Then he dared me not to be a wuss and focus on the handful of people who will get mad about clicking once if they don’t want it and instead think about the people who could be helped by sharing content that I believe in.

That’s a lot of “thens,” which technically isn’t even a word, but welcome to the world of experiments.

Will this help people? I think so, but I won’t really know until I try. And that uncertainty makes me honestly uncomfortable. I want to grow, but I don’t want to change, which is a shame because those two things are mutually exclusive.

Staying stuck is easier than daring to change, but it’s time to do some growing.

And so we experiment!

What’s the last experiment you tried with your dream?