Empty 3

Above is the third book I read for the #EmptyShelf Challenge. (Read here to join us on this fun challenge!)

Below is the format I plan to do this year for each book I read.

Title: Succeed, how we can reach our goals.

Author: Heidi Grant Halvorson, Ph.D.

What’s it about: It’s a study of the nine things successful people do differently.

Why did I read it: I’m writing a lot about changing habits and setting goals right now for the 30 days of Hustle. This book has been brilliant.

Favorite idea: There are so many awesome ideas in this book. One of my favorites is the idea of identifying triggers that trip you up, e.g. When I’m tired and traveling I make really bad food decisions at the airport. After you identify them you then come up with “if-then” statements. For example, If I know I am traveling, then I will pack healthy snacks.

Where can you buy it? Right here.