Every dream has two broad stages:

1. Emotion

2. talent

Some (most) dreams don’t work because we are unwilling to do the work that gets us out of the first stage.

You’ve seen it before. You have a friend who is wildly passionate about something. They live and breathe this dream. They are on fire for it. They have an amazing amount of emotion. They pour their hearts out to you over coffee and say, “Why isn’t my dream working? What am I doing wrong?”

They are failing.


Because emotion is free.

It costs nothing.

You just have to be excited.

That’s not difficult.

But talent? Talent costs everything! It costs hustle and sweat and blood and tears and that’s just Monday.

Talent costs days and weeks and years and sacrifices.

Talent is expensive. Emotion is free.

If you want to have some casual fun, just be emotional. It’s exciting!

If you want to change the world, go get some talent. Refuse to believe you’re born with it or not born with it. Admit it’s hard and don’t give up anyway.

A great dream takes both. Don’t quit just because talent is hard. The best things always are.