“Cadbury Crème eggs are gross” is a dumb sentence to say.

No they’re not.

They’re tiny bursts of chocolate manna delivered with love from the artisans at Cadbury.

Do I acknowledge the Halloween versions they put on the market? No, but then I don’t acknowledge Mariah Carey’s second Christmas album either. I’m a purist. I stick with the original, save for Crystal Pepsi which was my favorite clear soda of all time and Sharknado 3, which took the metanarrative of meteorological sharks to new places.

Criticizing Cadbury Crème eggs is not the worst sentence you can say this month.

The worst sentence is this:

“It’s too late to work on my goals this year.”

January is for resolutions and goals. It’s when we buy calendars and running sneakers and kale. That’s the only time you can really focus on changing your life.

By April, you’ve missed your chance. Too much of the year is already gone. The moment of inspiration has passed.

That’s garbage.

At this moment right now, you have 36 weeks left in 2016. Next week, you’ve got 35 weeks.

The year has barely begun.

Where does it say you can’t work on goals in April and May? Where does it say that just because the rest of the world has quit, you have to as well?

I love January, but it’s not the best month to knock out a goal.

The best month to work on your goals is always this month.

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I’m tired of being full of hope in January and then full of regret in December. Have you ever had that experience? This was going to be your year. You were really going to do it! But then, 12 months later December rolled around and you looked back on a year that didn’t go like you expected. Do you know why that happens?

Because we coast in April. We buy the January lie that you can only hustle in the beginning of the year.


For the first time ever I’m doing a May round of the 30 Days of Hustle.


What’s that? It’s a 30-day video course and private community of people from around the world who will help you knock out your goals. I’ve taken 15,000 people through the course over the last two years and it’s been crazy to see what can happen when you learn how to hustle on the things you care about most.

The wait list is open right now and if you have even a hint of curiosity of what you could do this May, you need to sign up today.

It’s common to give up on your goals by April, but who says you have to be common?

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Hustle all year, not just in January.

Sign up for the 30 Days of Hustle wait list today.