Recently, a politician tweeted something foolish.

I saw the tweet, shrugged at it and then glanced at the amount of comments that single tweet had.

There were 112,000 responses.

That made me so sad because that meant tens of thousands of people spent their very limited creativity that day on an argument with a stranger.

Do you know what those comments changed? Nothing.

Do you know what they accomplished? Nothing.

Do you know what they moved forward? Nothing.

It was a toxic cyclone of strangers saying the most insane, vitriolic things at each other.

And that’s time and creativity and energy all of those people won’t get back.

I hope you get involved in the politics. I hope you march and raise money and change the community you live in as well as the world. I hope you and I do all of those things and many more.

But don’t let anger steal your creativity on Twitter, Facebook, or any other platform.

It’s such a waste.

Say a prayer for the books, songs, paintings, and photos we lose every day because people get lost in the responses to tweets from politicians.

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