Dear fear,

Monday must have been awful for you.

You had an entire month to convince me my blogging days were over.

You had weeks and weeks to tell me it would never work again.

You asked me question after question these last few days.

“Who are you to think you can start a new blog?”

“Who are you to think people will read you after a month off?”

“Who are you to think your ideas matter?”

“Who are you to think you’ll ever catch that same lightning in a bottle like you did with your blog SCL?”

“Who are you to think you can start over?”

I heard those questions, every one of them. I will hear them again each time I begin something new or try something difficult.

That’s OK, though. You know where I live, drop off as many doubts on my doorstep as your spindly hands can carry.

But as my friend Jeremy Cowart says, you’re too late.

I know who I am now. I know how to answer your questions.

Who am I?

I’m the guy who did it.

I’m the guy with a whole bunch of friends who made it all possible.

I’m the guy who knows a community is always bigger than any one social media platform.

I’m the guy who launched a new blog with 6 times the traffic of the day SCL went “viral” all those years ago.

I’m the guy who wrote a 300 word post that had 14 times the traffic of the day SCL went viral.

I’m the guy who had his biggest traffic day, in 13 years of writing online, yesterday.

And I’m the guy who is going to do it all over again tomorrow.

Sorry for the bloody nose fear.

Expect another one soon,